Who are we? 

The Governess & Co. is your trusted partner for expert childcare and private household staff solutions, offering a professional, effective, and transparent service designed to meet real-life family needs. 

We are a team of professionals with empathetic understanding skills. 

What do we do?

We provide expert childcare and private household staff solutions. Your personal needs inspire our expertise, and our dedicated approach ensures every detail is tailored to deliver suitable and long-term placement results. 

 We listen , advise and deliver. 

How can we help you?

At The Governess & Co., we excel at understanding your family’s distinct requirements and aspirations. Our approach is about reflecting on your needs and applying our expertise to offer solutions that match your requirements and the market demands. We craft practical childcare and household staff solutions that align with your lifestyle.  

We help, by not compromising on our efforts to understand the specifics of your needs and guide you towards a sustainable solution for it. 

Elevate your lifestyle!

Why choose us?

Trust in the difference

The Governess & Co operates on one simple unassailable truth, which is that one size does not fit all. Our domestic recruitment service is based on this principle.

Honest assessments and assistance

The Governess & Co operates a completely transparent service, we will not make promises that cannot be fulfilled. Sometimes it may be necessary to make compromises with regards to your specific staffing needs, it would be unrealistic to tell you otherwise.  However, we can evaluate the compromises you are currently making (without the necessary help or unsuitable attendant) and advise you on more suitable staffing options. It is our aim to make sure that any compromises you are making will still deliver on your priorities.

Listen, evaluate and deliver

How do we operate? It’s simple, we listen. Our professional consultants really take notice to what you are saying. Consequently, we get to understand and evaluate with customized recruitment tools, that ultimately deliver upon your family’s specific staffing needs.

Supporting your family

Our consultancy service is about supporting you, your family and your home. This is your lifestyle. This is the support system you need to live it as you wish. Finding the right child care, housekeeper, or chauffeur is a leap of trust. Our dedicated and experienced advisors will provide the support you need to help you take that leap.



Finding the right nanny and/ or lifestyle needs can be a very complex process and a difficult choice, which is why having a trustworthy consultant with relevant experience beside you, makes the world of difference. Kirsty of The Governess and Co. can be that perfect person for you, with hands-on experience, empathy and professionalism to help you succeed with your household staff search.”

Stevie Lee, London SW18 2RH, United Kingdom

“When residing abroad, having the fitting support for your style of living becomes all the more relevant, as you are facing unfamiliar potential challenges that need specific attention and detract from your ability to manage your household as you would wish. Having an experienced and dependable consultant to help you tackle these challenges, manage and deliver on your expectations can truly relieve the stress of the situation and enable you to enjoy all that life has to offer when living overseas. Kirsty did just that for us, which is why we can recommend her for your nanny search in Marbella. “

Helen Loose, Benahavis 29678, Marbella, Spain

The Governess and Co. helped us during a transition period regarding our nanny search in Marbella and they have been objectively understanding of our specific needs while delivering on it with compassion and a high level of proficiency. I trust on their post placement follow up support to help us going forward.

Emma Siebenborn, Guadalmina 29670, Marbella, Spain


When sourcing private staff to manage your home, support your lifestyle or to provide childcare, it’s important to find the best nanny agency with an experienced team that you can trust.  The Governess & Co’s professional consultants follow strict protocols when sourcing and screening candidates, including customized evaluation techniques devised by experienced therapists to ensure the best candidates and a smoother hiring process.

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Staffing categories

As a professional nanny service in Marbella, we offer our clients access to a comprehensive range of staffing solutions. In addition to providing access to highly experienced nannies (or a manny!) our services cover all categories of private staffing requirements including professional childcare, lifestyle staff and estate management. Whether you require an nanny in Marbella, a part-time, live- in or live out nanny, a housekeeper, a private chef or personal trainer, we can help you find the right person for the job.


As an employer considering hiring a new nanny in Marbella or private staff to manage your home, lifestyle or other aspects of your children’s care, you’ll want to find out as much information about the nanny agency’s recruitment and screening processes or perhaps about the nannies’ fit for your needs and flexibility as this may alter.  Check out our frequently asked questions to find out the information you need to put your mind at rest and make an informed decision.

As a candidate considering to sign up for a position within our staffing categories, you’ll want to learn as much about these as possible. Nannies, private tutors, housekeepers, facility managers, gardeners, fitness coaches, chauffeurs are just a few among our sourcing categories with potential openings. Visit our frequently asked questions to find out additional information and join The Governess & Co community.

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