Guideline for choosing staff

Full Time vs. Part Time

Assess your daily schedule and childcare needs. 

Full-time caregivers provide consistent, round-the-clock support, while part-time caregivers offer specific hours per day or week. 

Consider your work hours, child’s routine, and budget when deciding between full-time or part-time care. 

Part time is usually considered less than 30 hours / week and is in general charge on an hourly rate basis, as opposed to a full time lump sum so consider your needs vs. budget as a lump sum might work out more cost efficient long term 

    Live- In vs. Live- Out

      Live-in caregivers reside with your family, offering prolonged schedule assistance and often become more involved with your family. 

      Live-out caregivers work specified hours daily and return to their own homes afterward. 

      Determine your preference based on privacy, space availability, and the level of involvement you desire from the caregiver. 

      In case of Live-out arrangement please note that accessibility to your residence is will also have to be considered by the candidate both from a time and cost perspective 

      Pros & Cons to Consider for Live-In 

      Cost Related: Lower monthly compensation due to shared accommodation and meals. Monthly groceries and utility expenses will however rise. 

      Convenience and Flexibility: Offers flexibility, fosters personal relationships, ideal for nights out, and provides last-minute childcare solutions. Need for dedicated living space, including a separate room and bathroom or staff suite. 

      Privacy Concerns: Reduced privacy and a potential change in overall family, dynamic, dependent on living arrangement and establishing house rules. Setting clear rules enhances mutual understanding, guiding both the family and the live-in nanny, minimizing future misunderstandings. 

      Compatibility Consideration: assessing the candidate’s  lifestyle and habits, ensuring alignment with the family’s values and routines. 


      Candidate profile

      Outline essential qualifications: experience, certifications, childcare training, and relevant skills. 

      Consider personality traits like patience, creativity, and communication skills. 

      Check references and conduct thorough background checks to ensure reliability and trustworthiness. 

      Look for candidates whose childcare approach aligns with your parenting style and values. 

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