Professional Nannies & Childcare in Marbella

Professional childcare is when trained caregivers take care of children to ensure they are safe and develop well. These caregivers know about child development, safety, and how to communicate effectively. They create safe and supportive environments, plan suitable activities, and provide emotional support, making sure children have a positive and enriching experience. 

There are no strict rules for how a nanny in Marbella or other professional child carers can work or their schedules. When choosing professional childcare, focus on what matches your parenting style and family routine. Our job is to help you find candidates in Marbella, who fit your needs, ensuring a long-term, satisfying arrangement. 

Nanny in Marbella

A nanny is a professional caregiver employed to provide personalized and comprehensive childcare within a family’s home. Our nannies in Marbella are responsible for the well-being, safety, and development of the children under their care. They typically engage in activities that promote the child’s physical, emotional, and intellectual growth, often tailored to the family’s specific needs and preferences.


A Manny is a professional caregiver who provides personalized childcare within a family’s home, ensuring the well-being, safety, and overall development of the children. They tailor activities to promote physical, emotional, and intellectual growth, meeting the family’s specific needs. 

Maternity Nurse

A Maternity Nurse provides specialized postnatal care, guiding mothers and newborns. They offer expert advice on newborn care, feeding, and establish routines for the well-being of both mother and baby, ensuring a smooth transition into parenthood. 

Special needs Nanny

A Special Needs Nanny specializes in caring for children with unique requirements, ensuring their well-being, safety, and development. They create inclusive environments, tailoring activities to the child’s specific needs and abilities. 


A Governess is a private educator offering tailored tutoring and mentoring at home. They focus on the academic and moral development of children, creating customized learning experiences for individual needs. 


A Tutor provides personalized academic support, guiding students in specific subjects or skills to enhance their learning and understanding. Tutors offer one-on-one lessons, tailored to the student’s needs, to boost their knowledge and confidence effectively.

Housekeeper Nanny

A Housekeeper Nanny combines childcare and housekeeping roles, ensuring a clean home while providing personalized childcare. They manage household tasks and promote the child’s well-being efficiently.

'A Mother's Helper'

A Mother’s Helper provides essential assistance to parents with household tasks and childcare duties. They support mothers with childcare, light housekeeping, and meal preparation, ensuring a smooth daily routine for the family. Mother’s Helpers offer valuable help to busy parents, lightening their workload and contributing to a harmonious home environment. 

Babysitter – Per hour (minimum 3) / Events

Our babysitters in Marbella & Mallorca provide temporary childcare services for families. They ensure the safety and well-being of children during parents’ absence, engaging them in age-appropriate activities and maintaining a secure environment. Babysitters are reliable, responsible, and experienced caregivers trusted to create a positive and enjoyable experience for the children under their care. 

Holiday Nanny – Min 2 consecutive days of service use

A Holiday Nanny is a specialized caregiver who accompanies families during vacations. They provide childcare services while ensuring children’s safety, entertainment, and well-being. Holiday Nannies offer a seamless vacation experience for parents, allowing them to relax while their children are in capable and trusted hands.

Seasonal Childcare

Applicable to any / or all of the above categories, with involved tasks description and duties for holiday residence use, minimum 1 month placement. 

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