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Lifestyle staff consist of a team of dedicated professionals, each skilled in their specialized field, ensuring seamless support for various aspects of your lifestyle. A chauffeur ensures safe and timely transportation, while private security provides peace of mind and protection. A private chef caters to your culinary preferences, crafting exquisite meals tailored to your taste. Personal trainers focus on your fitness goals, while physiotherapy/massage therapists offer therapeutic care. Additionally, a pet caretaker ensures your furry companions receive top-notch care.   

There are no strict guidelines for their schedules, allowing customization to match your lifestyle. We assist you in finding candidates aligned with your specific needs, ensuring a harmonious and satisfying long-term arrangement tailored to your unique lifestyle requirements.


A chauffeur is a skilled professional employed to ensure safe and efficient transportation within the comfort of your own vehicle. Chauffeurs are responsible for providing secure, timely, and smooth travel experiences. They possess excellent driving skills, extensive knowledge of routes, and prioritize passenger safety and comfort. Chauffeurs often customize their services, adapting to individual preferences and schedules, ensuring a seamless and enjoyable travel experience.

Private security

A private security professional is a dedicated expert employed to ensure the safety and security of individuals, families, or properties. They possess specialized training in security protocols and threat assessment. Private security personnel are responsible for implementing comprehensive security measures, often tailored to specific needs and preferences. They vigilantly monitor surroundings, assess risks, and swiftly respond to any potential threats. Their primary focus is on creating a secure environment, allowing clients to enjoy peace of mind. Private security professionals prioritize client safety, employing advanced techniques to guarantee a safe and protected atmosphere.

Private chef

A private chef is a culinary expert employed to create exquisite and customized dining experiences within the confines of a personal residence. They are skilled professionals with extensive culinary training and expertise in diverse cuisines. Private chefs curate gourmet meals tailored to individual tastes, dietary preferences, and nutritional requirements. They meticulously plan menus, source high-quality ingredients, and prepare dishes that cater to the client’s unique palate. Private chefs often specialize in various cuisines, ensuring a delightful culinary journey for their clients. Their focus is on delivering exceptional dining experiences, transforming meals into memorable moments within the comfort of the client’s home. 

Personal trainer

A personal trainer is a certified fitness professional employed to provide personalized and tailored exercise guidance and wellness support. Personal trainers possess in-depth knowledge of various fitness routines, techniques, and nutrition. They design individualized workout plans, catering to specific fitness goals, health needs, and preferences. Personal trainers offer expert guidance, motivation, and encouragement, ensuring clients achieve their desired fitness outcomes. They adapt workouts to accommodate varying fitness levels and monitor progress, making necessary adjustments for optimal results. Personal trainers focus on promoting overall health and well-being, fostering a positive and empowering fitness journey for their clients. 

Physiotherapy / massage therapist

A physiotherapist/massage therapist is a skilled practitioner specializing in physical therapy and massage techniques. They provide personalized treatments to address pain, mobility issues, and stress-related conditions. Tailoring therapies to individual needs, they focus on promoting healing, relaxation, and overall well-being. 

Pet caretaker

A pet caretaker is a dedicated professional responsible for the well-being and happiness of pets. They provide personalized care, including feeding, grooming, and exercise, tailored to each pet’s specific needs. Pet caretakers ensure a safe and stimulating environment, offering companionship and attention. They prioritize the physical and emotional health of pets, creating a nurturing and enjoyable experience for them while their owners are away. 

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