About us

The Governess & Co stands for reciprocity. We are the link between happy families and satisfied support staff. We refer to neither of those terms in their traditional sense, because we know that happiness, family and support can and should only be defined according to individual standards and contexts.

It is our mission to fully understand your requirements and to deliver on them whilst respecting your privacy. Our efficient and friendly team provides a dependable and fully transparent service at competitive rates.

Our vision is to become the most reliable home staffing agency in Marbella, raising industry standards by the provision of mutually satisfying placements and a community of mutuality.

Meet the team

Get to know the personalities and experience of our dedicated, passionate and trustworthy team who make The Governess & Co one of the best nanny services in Marbella.

Timea Henter - Founder

Timea is an experienced advisory professional, with a strong track record of building successful relationships and providing consulting services in the commercial real estate sector. Throughout her corporate career, she consistently delivered valuable and impactful results for the companies she worked with and consulted for. She brings an all-rounded perspective to her work, by leveraging real-world business knowledge and academic expertise, holding a specialised MBA in human resources.

Timea founded The Governess & Co. while on her own journey as a parent, determined to deliver on the deep grasp of our clients’ needs by providing a premier service for families who wish to hire a full-time nanny or contract other types of child care. Her personal experience provides a first-hand understanding of the challenges of finding a nanny in Marbella and the need for all-rounded expert support with an understanding of the transition entailed for her and her family, in the time frame and manner in which she needed it. This is what inspired the launch of The Governess & Co, with the aim of making it the go-to agency for nannies.

Timea’s hidden talent

In addition to her people skills, Timea is also well-known for her sense of humour and is always equipped with an idiom or proverb for every occasion… in multiple languages!

Kirsty Lambert - Placement Manager

With over two decades of experience as a certified nurse and a highly skilled live-in nanny, Kirsty brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to her profession as well as her role in The Governess & Co nanny agency. Her unwavering passion for childcare, coupled with her supportive personality, makes her an invaluable asset in providing exceptional placement consulting.

Kirsty’s compassionate approach and attention to detail have earned her a stellar reputation for creating a safe and supporting environment throughout her work. Her extensive medical background, combined with caring instincts, tender temperament and empathetic skills, allow her to seamlessly navigate any situation that may arise. Her background uniquely positions her to understand the intricate dynamics between families and support staff.

Kirsty’s superpower

Kirsty is often referred to as a Zen Jedi, as she can effortlessly defuse any tension and foster a sense of peace and comfort.

Anna Rosen - Social media manager

Anna, an International Hospitality and Management graduate, combines her expertise in hospitality with her passion for social media and digital communication. She crafts engaging social media posts with a keen eye for trends and a dedication to creating meaningful and engaging content. With her previous experience in running social media accounts for several other businesses, Anna brings a unique and professional perspective to every project she undertakes.

Anna is compassionate and caring with a knack for building genuine connections and a dedication to making a positive impact on the world. She effortlessly brings a unique blend of creativity and empathy to her role as social media manager.

Hidden talent

No matter how chaotic or stressful the situation, Anna she remains calm and collected. When others are on the verge of stress overload, she swoops in with her compassionate nature, offering words of wisdom and a comforting shoulder to lean on, soothing nerves and restoring peace in the office.

Charlotte Lomas - Placement and Events coordinator

Meet Charlotte, our Event and Placement coordinator, boasting an impressive 14 years in the childcare industry. With a rich background spanning roles from practitioner to deputy manager and lead SENco, Charlotte brings a wealth of expertise and insight to our team.

She excels at recognising the importance of each child and always strives to foster strong partnerships with parents, placing communication at the forefront of her approach. She understands that parents seek assurance that their child is truly understood and cared for, evidenced by her ability to recall details from conversations and observations. Charlotte understands the significance of the nanny-family dynamic, emphasising the importance of finding the perfect match between candidate and client.

Charlotte’s journey in event management began with a love for creating memorable experiences, and she has seamlessly transitioned this passion into her work with The Governess and Co. Each week, she meticulously plans and executes a variety of engaging activities and outings designed to inspire curiosity, encourage exploration, and foster social interaction among children of all ages.

Our expert collaborator

Our evaluation process for client needs and candidate capabilities, is based on objective and measurable support tools developed exclusively for The Governess & Co. by Dr. Marianna Bobvos-Bekefi, who is a Consultant psychologist, psychotherapist and coach. The interpretation yielded by these evaluation mechanisms and the implicit deliverables of the company towards our clients and candidates bear the interpretation assumed by The Governess and Co. , personalized to the delivery need. The information obtained by our unique evaluation mechanisms allows us to deliver a premium standard of service to both clients and candidates that sets The Governess and Co. apart from any other nanny services in Marbella and beyond.

Dr. Marianna Bobvos-Bekefi earned her Master’s Degree in Psychology at Lorand Eotvos University (Budapest), a post-graduate Psychotherapist Degree at Semmelweiss Medical University (Budapest) and the University of Manchester. She also holds a Master’s Degree in Philosophy.  Her psychotherapist training included, among others, analytic, cognitive, group, cognitive-analytic (CAT), client centred and existential therapy.

Dr. Bobvos-Bekifi’s teaching engagements include the University of Pecs, Medical University of Pecs, University of Debrecen. In terms of psychotherapeutic work, she held the position of Chief Clinical Psychologist at Ferenc Jahn South-Pest Hospital & Clinic, Budapest, Hungary.

In addition to her native Hungarian, she is fluent in English and French.