Fancy meeting top talent, like yours!

Here, at The Governess & Co. we take time to revise and understand your skills, experience and placement preferences, in order to match it with the international needs of our clients. To get started, we want to learn about your unique competencies via our candidate form.

Please be advised, we do not accept individual CVs.  Your application will be managed solely through our internally structured system which serves as a valuable tool for matching candidates with your future employers.

There will be a due diligence process following your application, consisting of references and records check. You can take your time working through the pages of the form and it wont be lost unless you leave the page.

Why work with us?

Commitment, effort and perseverance

At The Governess & Co, we understand that it takes commitment, effort and perseverance to manage your work load and devote yourself to your calling. We also know that you are much more than your resume, the sum of your work and all that it entails to deliver it. We truly want to understand who you are and what that means. We’re interested in your experience, competencies and expectations, as getting to know you allows us to maximise the odds of matching you in a rewarding placement that is mutually satisfying, for you, as well as your future employer.

Reciprocal link between you and your future placement

There is an old saying, “if you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it”. When child care, household and lifestyle placements fail, it tends to be caused by misunderstandings and different expectation. We can objectively measure and reciprocally link between candidates and employers to prevent further mismatches.

We use customised tools that enable us to gain a firm understanding of candidate profiles on the one hand, and also the expectations of employers on the other hand. Our professional evaluation tools help to clearly define both parties’ needs and how they can be met. Add to this our highly experienced transaction manager, supporting the entire process pre and post placement to further secure successful collaborations. We advocate safety first, which is why we provide all our candidates with First Aid training certification when securing a placement through The Governess & Co.

The importance of community

Whether you are already a native of the country where you will be working or you are relocating to accept a placement, we believe that being part of a community of like-minded professionals can make your work all the more rewarding. The Governess & Co’s platform is set to deliver on that for you. We provide our staff with an online space of support amongst your profession, as well as an opportunity to connect with your peers in the location of your placement. We organise meet-up events and training to share and shape ideas and experiences.

Choose your lifestyle staff

How do you know what kind of family will be suitable for me?

We don’t. No-one does, only you can decide if your skills and competencies can be aligned to your family’s requirements. We are not afraid to admit it, that only you can know your needs. However, we will do our level best to align your offering, by asking the right questions, allowing us the information to evaluate the potentially suitable fit.

I’m looking for a nanny job offering in Marbella that can provide long term work. How can you guarantee it?

The Governess & Co intermediates professional nanny services in Marbella but we cannot guarantee the duration of each staff appointment. We will however strive to deliver on your search, including its term. How? By revising placement options that can best fit your priorities. By guiding you through the decision-making process, with information on location and staffing category placement specific terms. Lastly, by post placement support consisting of a monthly follow up by our placement manager.

Will my employer change the original job description?

While life happens and certain things cannot always be calculated for, particularly in the case of the professional childcare requirements, we are confident that prevention can limit, if not exclude uncomfortable situations and unpleasant working relationships. What do we mean by prevention? Our selection and placement processes are designed to ensure the right fit for both parties. A fit yielded of objective measures, benchmarked advice and trustworthy experience to ensure that expectations are expressed and can be managed along the way. Change is uncomfortable for most, yourself included. Should there be a need for it you should feel at ease making it happen

Staffing categories

As a professional nanny service in Marbella, we offer our clients access to a comprehensive range of staffing solutions. In addition to providing access to highly experienced nannies (or a manny!) our services cover all categories of private staffing requirements including professional childcare, lifestyle staff and estate management. Whether you require an nanny in Marbella, a part-time, live- in or live out nanny, a housekeeper, a private chef or personal trainer, we can help you find the right person for the job.



This is my sincere testimonial for The Governess & Co. My name is Fiona, I’m an Irish lady and I am a childminder (nanny). I have a great job here in Dublin, Ireland, however it’s been my dream to move to Spain, where I have a little house and I’ve been going there the last couple of years and I really wanted to try and find employment in Spain.

So, I contacted The Governess & Co , I met with Timea and Kirsty. They listened to what it was that I really needed and wanted, and in a very short time they managed to find me the perfect family. I’m hoping that I will be the perfect nanny for them and their family. What I found is their experience, their friendliness, their understanding and their genuine desire to help me find a position that I was looking for in the Costa del Sol.

I am happy to say that I will soon be heading off to sunny Spain, and will be starting with my new family. I am very excited and really looking forward to this opportunity and new adventure in my life.

I believe that without the help of The Governess & Co, it would have taken me a lot longer to find this position, and I am really grateful to both Timea and Kirsty for doing this for me. I wish them all the best in their business and trust that other people will find the positions they are looking for, also, and be very happy. Thank you.”

Fiona Burke, Dublin 4, Ireland