Leaving your child for the first time can be an emotionally charged experience, filled with a spectrum of mixed feelings. As a parent, the decision to entrust your child to someone else’s care, can be a significant milestone in both your life and the life of your little one. 

The anticipation leading up to this moment is often a combination of excitement, anxiety, and sometimes even a small bit of guilt. On one hand, there’s the thrill of regaining a bit of independence, the prospect of a few moments of uninterrupted adult time, or the chance to attend to personal or professional obligations. On the other hand, there’s the worry about how your child will act in your absence, whether they’ll miss you, and if they’ll be comfortable and happy. The governess & Co set out to learn exactly what makes this process particularly emotional for parents. 

From the research conducted, it became clear that guilt was one of the main emotions felt. Parents may worry that they are abandoning their child or that their absence could have a negative impact on their relationship. Some mothers even expressed sadness, concerned about missing out on important moments in their development, and often fear missing out of their lives. Moreover, leaving your child with someone you don’t know can make the parents feel nervous in regards to whether the caregiver will take proper precautions. A nanny from TGC shares, “It is so important to get to know the family, baby/child and the parents. Aligning values, supporting them and understanding what they need from us. I have supported several parents leaving the little person for the first time. Gathering as much information as possible is critical to making the partnership work”. Our goal is to ensure that no parent walks away from their child worried or unsure about their caregiver. Instead, we encourage mums and dads to ask as many questions as needed, and meet up with their chosen nanny until they feel comfortable.

It’s important to note that leaving your child with a nanny for the first time has several positive aspects too. Relief can be accompanied by a brief sense of freedom from parental responsibilities. As much as parents need a well deserved break, children also benefit from socialising with new people. This is why Governess and Co sets up a weekly event where parents can enjoy a stress-free brunch in the sun, while we care for their youngsters in the play area next door. Moreover, leaving your child with a nanny might encourage parents to engage in personal or professional activities that they might not otherwise have time for. “I love my baby but also love doing fun things just for me”, mentions one of our clients. 

All in all, it’s essential to emphasize and fully embrace the understanding that all feelings in this situation are valid, each sentiment is a genuine expression of your love and dedication as a parent. Here at TGC we look at candidates to align with your needs and support you through this new transition.

TGC Poll Results: At what age did you first leave your child with a nanny?

Recently, Governess & Co conducted a poll on our instagram. The aim was to determine an average age where most mothers hire a nanny. Here are the results:

0 – 6 months – 18%

6 months to 1 year – 9%

1 year + – 73%

The majority of respondents, 73%, indicated that they hire a nanny when their child is 1 year old or older. This suggests that a significant number of mothers prefer to wait until their child reaches a certain age before seeking the assistance of a nanny. The reasons for this preference could vary and may include factors such as the child’s developmental stage, the mother’s return to work, or other family dynamics.